4 Benefits of Using A Trash Can Recycling Bin Combo In Offices

Is your workspace trash bin always overflowing? Are you getting the rap for not going green? Next to the kitchen, the office is a space where the garbage bins tend to fill up soon. Encouraging staff to follow the recycling program can be an uphill task.

To achieve your waste diversion goals, you need a simple but cheap way. The method you choose should be sustainable. There is a perfect solution for the trash problem – trash can recycle bin combo. A dual trash receptacle lets you recycle and conveniently dispose of trash.

Read on to know more benefits of a double trash can.

Why You Should Use A Trash Can Recycle Bin Combo In Your Office?

A garbage container with two compartments is a big boon for the workspace. Many businesses find it difficult to manage waste disposal. The trash can recycle bin combo offers an ideal solution with many benefits:

Benefit #1: Helps To Keep Your Waste Well-Sorted

It helps separate the waste you dump in it. This type of dual trash can helps in sorting your recyclables from the waste. It is ideal because you have a single bin to sort all the trash. One trash receptacle with two functions keeps you organized. It also motivates you to recycle.

Benefit #2: Your Office Space Looks Clean And Neat

The trash and recycling bin combo give a clean appearance. You will not need two separate bins for the waste.  The single garbage can will take up less space compared to separate bins.

Benefit #3: Promotes Efficiency

One garbage can for recycling and trash is a smart choice. This is because you will find that recycling takes very little effort. Employees find it efficient to use. Visitors will not find it confusing to spot which bin is for the recyclables. Moreover, employees will start to pick the waste bin they throw their trash wisely. This will reduce the contamination of the trash and recyclables.

Benefit #4: Cost Savings

When you properly sort the trash, the volume of disposable waste will reduce. This will cut the cost of disposing of waste. Further, employees are more conscious of the waste they dispose of. Centralize the recycling stations in your workspace. This will save money in janitorial fees. Your custodial staff need not collect the waste from each desk and recycle it.

What Are The Positive Effects Of Recycling?

The workspace is notorious for the amount of waste it generates daily. Paper, coffee cups, e-waste, and more keep the waste bins overflowing in no time. But, it is mandatory now for offices to recycle the generated waste. There are several advantages to recycling:

  • You get to save the environment by reducing the debris that you send to the landfills.
  • You will spend less on waste disposal when you recycle and reduce     the contents of your dumpster.
  • Recycling companies pay for the waste you provide them.

In short, proper recycling can benefit you. It shows your clients and the community that you are following sustainable methods. One efficient and simple way to recycle is using a trash and recycling bin combo. 

Which Trash And Recycling Bin Combo Is Ideal?

At present, you can find many trash and recycle bin combo models. Besides being durable, the bins are attractive to look at. You can find models of varying sizes and brands. Choosing the right one for your office space can be daunting. Do you opt for metal garbage cans or plastic garbage bin models? Here are a few important features that you should consider before buying one:

Size of the bin

Two significant factors that decide the size of your bin are:

  •       The number of people using the garbage bin
  •       The volume of garbage that collects in your office

A waste audit in your office will help you understand the type and volume collected. This knowledge will help you decide on the number of waste streams you need. Does your workspace collect large volumes of waste? A model like the Ex-Cell Kaiser Metro Collection is ideal.  It has three streams for waste collection. Such models are ideal for centralized recycling stations.


The combo modes come in a variety of materials. You can find metal garbage cans that are sturdy. They withstand a lot of damage due to accidental bumping or dropping incidents. The stainless-steel model also has different finishes. There are plenty of sizes to choose from.

Plastic bins are not as stylish or sturdy as metal cans. But, these are cheaper and some of the premium models are robust and built to last for a long time.

Automatic Opening And Closing

Some garbage bin models come with a lid that remains open until you want the lid closed. This is possible with the use of a shock absorption system. The garbage bin has this system inbuilt in it.

Some models have touchless sensor systems. The lid opens when you come near the bin due to the motion sensor technology.  Such bins are ideal for restrooms and other office spaces too.

Step Pedal

The pedal design is of two types. In some models, individual pedals are present for the two compartments. While others have a single step-on pedal running across the trash can surface. Make sure the pedal is sturdy.

Sturdy Base

The combo models are large plastic garbage bin models or metal cans with wheels. This will help to move the bin. Without proper traction, these will not be steady. Ensure good traction pads are present to avoid skidding of the bin.


Premium model metal trash cans come with inner bins or liners. You can remove the liners fitted with handles and clean them. The liners avoid the need to use special-sized trash bags. This will also lower the expenses. The Witt Industries Monarch Series Trash Receptacle is a good choice to consider. It is a single-compartment model that is easy to maintain. The trendy look complements any office setting.

Protective Surfaces

Ensure the metal garbage cans you select have well-polished surfaces. This will prevent fingerprints and other smudges. It will also reduce the cleaning you need to do.

Tips To Motivate Recycling At Work

Despite the many benefits of recycling, workplaces do not always follow it.  Here are a few tips that will ensure your workplace recycles diligently.

  • Educate your staff about the benefits of recycling. Make sure the cleaning staff recycles correctly. This will avoid the efforts taken in the office to go in vain.
  • Use labeled bins to remind staff about which items will go into which bin. Assign separate bins for containers, bottles, plastics, and other recyclables. Employees will find visible labels less confusing. They can sort the waste and put it in the right bin.
  • Instead of placing bins for each desk, install centralized combo bins. This will ensure people recycle without dumping all the waste into a single bin.
  • Invest in good quality bins. Use colorful and trendy bins. Cool-looking garbage bins will urge people to use them in the right way.

Final Takeaway

Trash can recycle bin combo is worth the expense as you can see from the benefits it offers. You get to enjoy many advantages. For one, you can boost the recycling efforts in your office. By doing so, you get to have a clean, efficient, and neat workspace.

You will not need to worry about overflowing bins. Nor do you need to spend more on disposing of the waste in your office. Remember to choose durable bins of the right size. To find more about premium quality waste bins, visit Trash Cans Depot. The collection here will help meet all the recycling needs of your office.