6 Reasons Why Your Common Trash Can With Lid Became Pricier

Shopping for a trash can is not as easy as you think. Gone are the days when you just disposed of the waste in any container you had. Over the years, trash cans have undergone plenty of changes. Today, you can find a wide range of trash cans in stylish and sophisticated designs. The variety present will surprise you not only with the convenience they offer but also with the price. Want to know why trash cans have become so expensive now? Read on to know the reasons.

Why Are Trash Cans So Expensive?

Managing and finding proper elimination methods for waste are crucial concerns both for public  and residential spaces. Additionally, recycling garbage and ensuring eco-friendly trash management remain high priorities.

To address such concerns, there have been several innovations and shifts in the way litter management is operated. Many advancements are being introduced consistently in the trash can design.

Not only do the designs focus on efficient waste disposal, but they also aim at blending with different types of settings. The inground type, for instance, is apt for public spaces. You should also consider the volume and type of waste, which influences the trash can design. 

There are several such considerations when it comes to the design and manufacturing of a trash can. Take a peek into all the reasons why the common trash can with a lid turned into a pricier one over the years.

1. Technology

Just as technology rules the roost in many spheres, you can find big changes in trash can technology. Garbage cans are prime spots that harbor germs of all kinds. It is not surprising that many people prefer using a hands-free trash can, which is expensive than the regular model. In this type of trash can, you do not have to touch the can unless you have to change the lining or bag in it. With the amount of innovation happening in the design of trash cans, there are plenty of types you can choose from. Take a look at the different types.

Sensor Activated Models

With automated designs, you can open the lid by just getting near the trash can.  This is made possible by the use of infrared sensors that detect motion and open the lid when you near it.

When you move from the bin, the lid shuts automatically. With some models, you can turn this sensor feature on and off whenever needed.

Moreover, handles are usually attached to the lid portion to enable manual opening. However, the sensors operate with battery power.

Voice Control

Controlling gadgets with voice is another innovation that you can find in the trash container design today. Through voicing controls, such as open, close, and stay open, you can use the bin without touching it.  This type of design is still not developed fully, but you can expect it in stores in the near future.

Odor Control

Trash cans and bad odor are inseparable, for most of the time. But, there is a solution for the bad odor. Some models of trash containers use carbon deodorizer. The deodorizer keeps the can smelling good, irrespective of the trash in it.

2. Different types of trash cans

There are various types of trash containers available with convenience as the focal point. Such trash bins are popular and relatively pricier. The Wausau Made Tray Caddy Top, for instance, is a model that is ideal for outdoor areas. While the body is made of durable concrete, the top is made of sturdy plastic. The push door feature allows for easy disposal of waste. The tray caddy on the lid helps in the convenient stacking of trays in food courts and other outdoor eating areas.

If you want your trash can to be hidden, the pull out trash can model is a good choice. It helps to keep your kitchen or bathroom clean and neat. The container design makes it easy to slide it under counters or cabinets. You can use heavy-duty models or lightweight office bins in the form of a pull-out design. Some common types of sliding bins include:

Cabinet Trash Can

This is useful when there is no space below the sink in your kitchen. Since cabinets are common in kitchens, this type of bin comes in handy.

Under the Sink Trash Receptacle

This kitchen or bathroom trash can is slim and short as it has to accommodate the plumbing.

Pivot Trash Bin

In this model, the lid of the trash container opens when you slide open the cabinet door. You can have hands-free use of the bin this way.

Trash Drawer

 Some kitchens have in-built tall drawers where you place the trash bin hidden away.

3. Stylish designs

Sometimes there will not be sufficient space for storing the trash can out of sight inside your home. You may not have hidden spaces, such as in your hall closet or kitchen cabinet.

When the trash container has to be kept in plain sight, having a nicer looking model is essential. The Ex-Cell Kaiser Venue Collection is a good example of a stylish bin. Its body has perforations and it is made of brushed stainless steel that is 60% recycled.

You can find several good-looking models of different types and materials to choose from. These bins come in different price ranges and generally fall on the pricey side. The trash receptacles designed for outdoor use, such as for hotel lobbies, suites, stadiums, etc, are even more appealing to look at. These include the 30 gallon trash can model and larger capacity models too.

The Witt Industries Monarch Series Trash Receptacle is one such model that not only looks decorative but is made of top-quality stainless steel. This receptacle adds class and elegance to any décor. The bright sheen attracts people’s attention.

An added advantage is the open-top that allows touchless disposal of waste. The removal lid enables easy maintenance. Additionally, the receptacle has anti-skid bottom for protection of the floor surface.

4. Materials

The type of materials used for the trash container also influences its price. Sturdy materials used for designing garbage cans are of different types. These include:

Stainless Steel

For durable and esthetically pleasing bins, stainless steel material is the first choice. Hotels, restaurants, and residential spaces too use such bins. The polished surface of the bins adds elegance to the place and makes it look classier.


Concrete trash containers are used for their superior longevity. These add a classic look to outdoor spaces that see high traffic. Generally, concrete trash containers can be seen in entrance ways, office complexes, and other similar areas.

The Wausau Made Push Door Top Trash Receptacle is one such product that is made of ASTM International standard concrete material. It has customizable options for branding purposes. A complimentary liner is also provided with this bin.


Fiberglass bins are recycling bins that contain some amount of plastic that is added for better durability.


Plastic bins, especially those made of polyethylene, like the Commercial Zone PolyTec Waste Container, are ideal for outdoor and indoor use. The material is durable and resistant to graffiti, dents, rust, and harsh weather elements.

5. Durability

For outdoor areas, trash cans made of heavy-duty material are ideal. Their durable material helps withstand harsh weather conditions. Heavy-duty plastic is used with hood or flaps to protect them from various weather elements.

For places that are prone to disturbance from big animals like bears and small animals like rats, squirrels, etc, a metal trash can is appropriate. The Tuffboxx Grizzly Animal Resistant model is a heavy-duty receptacle made of galvanized steel.

Strong bear guard brackets help to reinforce its lid and prevent bears from accessing the trash can. The textured powder coated body makes the receptacle retain its appearance even in the most inclement weather conditions.

You can find such durable trash receptacles in large sizes capable of holding 6 to 10 bags or more. The TuffBoxx Kodiak Animal Resistant Trash Receptacle can hold up to 8 garbage bags securely. Its powder-coated texture makes it look appealing and ideal for small restaurants, businesses, and multiple-unit apartments.

6. Accessories

It is not sufficient that you spend heavily on trash cans for indoor and outdoor use. You have to consider various accessories as well, such as trash bags or liners. With the trash receptacles being pricier, it is important to maintain them properly. Trash bags help to keep the waste containers clean and neat.

Choose a bag based on the size of your trash bin. Usually buying a garbage bag that is a size larger than your trash can is prudent. Trash bags are differentiated based on their width, length, and weight carrying capacity. The bags have length and width measurements. Their length should be such that the bag can extend 4 inches on the bin’s sides.

To Sum Up

As you can see, there have been plenty of innovations happening in how trash cans are designed and their appearance. Whether it is convenience you are looking for or a stylish design, the amount of effort that goes into the making of such designs makes them pricier. Additionally, you need to consider the durability of the trash cans and what all accessories you need to buy with your dustbin.

All in all, the more easy, safe, elegant, and trendy you want your trash can to appear, the higher will be its price. But, with the models available now in the market and the features they offer, you will feel the price is justified. After all, you would want a wastebasket that is durable enough, made of sturdy materials, and designed as per your convenience, keeping in line with the modern aesthetics and latest technology.