7 Features Your Outdoor Trash Receptacle Needs to Have

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You might have never given much thought to your trash can. That’s until a rat or raccoon decides your outdoor trash receptacle is a five-star restaurant. It’s no fun to stay up all night driving pests away or hiding garbage cans indoors. 

So, how do you deter a pest or animal from your outdoor trash receptacle? The solution, getting a trash can with the right features.  Read on to find out how to identify the right trash cart that fits your needs. 

Which Container Is Acceptable for Outdoor Trash Storage? 

The ideal outdoor trash receptacle is one that discourages rodents and can withstand extreme weather. When looking for the right trash cart, consider the following features: 

  1. Sturdiness and Rust Resistance

    Whether it is a plastic garbage can or one made of metal or steel, your trash receptacle should withstand the worst weather conditions. During the colder months with snowfall, having trash cans that can resist rust is a must.  

It’s also advisable to choose a container that gnawing animals won’t chew. While a plastic wastebasket is great for resisting rust in wet environments, rodents can access the content over time by making holes. 

 The sturdier the material is, the longer your trash receptacle will last. This is a great way to save money in the long run. Besides, a sturdy trash can will deter sneaky creatures from knocking it over in their search for food. 

  1. Animal resistance

A secured lid can help resist animals. If you live in a rural area or close to the woods, you would agree that wildlife could be persistent in getting into trash cans.  You can prevent this by getting a heavy-duty garbage can, like the TuffBox Grizzly Animal Resistant Steel Trash Receptacle

    Another way to keep off the animals is by using cans made of perforated metal. They work well outdoors as their perforation and slats ensure proper ventilation, preventing mold growth and offensive odors. Squirrels and other animals only come around because of the sweet smell of rotting food. Eliminate what’s attracting them by reducing the pungent odor. 

    1. Right Capacity

      Trash volume is an important consideration. Consider the amount of plastic, paper, food waste that your home, office, store, or school generates daily. Also, how often do the garbage collectors take the waste? A small plastic trash can with a lid could be ideal for your kitchen. An outdoor trash receptacle would require a higher capacity. 

    Matching your garbage can with your daily waste output helps guarantee that the trash receptacle won’t overflow. Also, ensure that your trash can is wide enough to handle large trash bags. 

    1. Ease-of-Use

    Consider how you’ll be disposing of the waste once it’s in your trash receptacle. Does the trash can enable seamless handling for the collectors?  It could be from the top or through a front access door. Other options include removable tops, tops that stay up, and vented options.  

      You should also consider features, such as bag grips, can liners, handles, or even wheels. Liners help prevent the rash from falling out and causing a big mess, especially in high-volume trash areas. 

      Large trash receptacles should have handles, rollers, or wheels for easy maintenance. This prevents wear on the bottom from dragging it and enables seamless portability. 

      Efficient trash removal will keep your space looking well-kept. 

      1. Compatibility

        The garbage can you choose should fit the location you’ll place it. For instance, if vandalism is an issue in your area, a steel bin like the Tuffbox Kodiak Animal Resistant Steel Trash Receptacle would be a good fit. Do you live near water? Consider a plastic or galvanized steel trash receptacle.  

      Another aspect to consider is the type of waste that will be disposed of. A health facility would require special trash cans for medical waste. The same goes for a warehouse or other facilities that use disposable blades.  

      If the trash receptacle lacks the features you need in your space, you might not be able to use it. 

      1. Proper Functioning Lids

        A garbage can should prevent invasion by insects and minimize odor. If this is a concern, choose garbage containers with a covering system. A cover could also help with keeping light trash, such as scrap paper, from blowing out of the trash receptacle. 

      Moreover, a lid will deter any unwanted access to the trash can’s content. You can also tie down the garbage can lid with a chain or padlock for extra layers of security. This would also add more weight to the lid, preventing the can from blowing away. 

      1. Functional Design

      Having considered all the functional details for your trash cans, you may factor in the design issues. Style can also have a practical purpose. A trash container with an open-top lets you dispose of waste seamlessly, while a plastic trash can with lid can hide garbage. 

        Color can also help with labeling and sorting waste. You might have yellow or red for hazardous materials, green for composting, and blue for recycling. Your organization could also increase awareness of proper waste disposal by having a consistent design across multiple locations. 

        When visitors on your premises need to dispose of waste, your garbage can’s design should stand out. This would highlight the area as the place to throw trash away, discouraging littering. 

        The shape is another factor to consider. This depends on the receptacle's placement, whether it’s facing next to the building or hidden from view. 

        Selecting the ideal trash bin design for your organization or home lets you create adequate ambiance and curb appeal. 

        In Summary

        Trash has the potential to attract animals. Besides, an outdoor trash receptacle has to bear the weather elements and vandalism. You should focus on durability, ease-of-use, and a secured lid when shopping for a garbage can. 

        The ideal bins are sturdy enough to stand extreme weather or resist rust. They also enable efficient waste disposal. For instance, the Wausau Tile Funnel Top Steel Trash Receptacle comes with an open-top. Choosing the trash can with the right features can save you money over the short and long term.