7 Things To Consider When Buying Municipal Park Trash Cans

7 Things To Consider When Buying Municipal Park Trash Cans

Does your city or municipality have a newly established park in need of trash disposal solutions? Or maybe you’re experiencing a littering problem at one of your current parks or other outdoor recreational areas. Either way, make sure you choose the right type of garbage disposal receptacle for your location. There are many factors that go into choosing the right type of receptacle for your outdoor location, like size, style, and more. Don’t get stuck with a garbage can that doesn’t work for your park—make sure you know the seven things to consider when buying municipal park trash cans when you go to make your purchase.

Factors To Consider To Choose the Right Trash Can

How do you choose the right trash can for your municipal park? With so many options when it comes to commercial trash cans, it can be difficult to choose the right model for your location. Break down your purchase by considering the various aspects of a trash receptacle that you need and what would be fitting for your park.


You may not think that trash cans have much variety at first, but you’ll quickly discover while shopping around that there is a plethora of options available, especially when it comes to outdoor ones. Therefore, your choice matters when choosing the right models for your park. For example, the size of your trash cans will directly impact how effective they are for your trash collection goals. Consider the size of your park and how many people visit each day. You need trash receptacles that will be able to accommodate this volume of patrons without overflowing. Larger cans will be able to hold more trash and won’t require you to empty them as frequently.

Number of Units

The number of trash and recycling receptacles you feature in your municipal park will directly influence the success of your trash collection or recycling program. The more units you have scattered around the park, the less likely patrons will be to litter. Properly throwing away trash or recycling materials in their proper units often boils down to convenience for the average park visitor. People don’t want to have to hold onto their trash all day until they find a garbage can. Having multiple garbage disposal options helps prevent this littering urge and brings convenience to your park guests. This is why the number of units you feature in your park is so important to the success of your program.

How To Keep Animals and Pests Out

If your municipal park is prone to wild animal visitors like raccoons, squirrels, or even bears, you’ll want to choose garbage cans that offer protection from these intruders. Manufacturers know how much of a problem raccoons and other wildlife can be, so they craft specialty locking trash bins that even the most determined creatures can’t penetrate. Consider these types of bins for your more wooded or other animal-prone park areas.


The durability of your garbage cans is also important. Garbage cans in high-traffic areas tend to receive a lot of wear and tear with repeated use. Make sure you choose a sturdy model for some of the more popular areas of your park. Most outdoor garbage cans are designed with weather in mind, but also consider the climate of your municipality when choosing garbage can models. For example, you’ll need a particularly bulky model if your park experiences high winds or storms often.

Other Factors To Consider

Beyond selecting the right type of trash receptacles for your municipal park, you also need to consider certain factors about these units and their relationship with the park itself. There are several factors to consider about the park before you start installing your new garbage cans around the park itself. Some of these factors below will also help you determine which units to choose, so you should take these factors into consideration as well before making your full trash cans purchase.


Similar to how the number of trash cans affects your patrons’ littering habits, so will the placement of your trash cans. Now that you have decided on a suitable number of bins, make sure to place them effectively throughout your park. When planning your trash can placement, first target high-traffic areas like popular paths and seating areas. These areas will see the most littering without adequate garbage disposal options, so make sure to stock these places. But don’t neglect the areas that are off the beaten path in your park either. When folks venture out to the corners of your park, they may be the most likely to litter in these areas due to their remoteness. Make sure that you account for garbage needs throughout the whole park.


Finally, you still need to make sure that your park garbage can choices fit within the range of your municipality’s budget. Many cities have a waste management budget, and garbage receptacles fit into that category. There are plenty of sources to shop for affordable waste management options online; you just need to know where to look.

Where To Find Municipal Park-Friendly Trash Cans?

Fortunately, you can find commercial outdoor trash cans that would be perfect for your municipal park right here at Trash Cans Depot. We provide a variety of assorted styles, sizes, strengths, and more to suit all your park’s needs. You’ll also find trash cans in a spectrum of price ranges that will fit any city’s budget. Peruse the options available while you consider the above deciding factors.

If your city or municipality needs additional trash receptacles for a local park, don’t forget to consider which type of trash cans will best fit the needs of the area. You don’t want to be stuck with a receptacle that’s constantly overflowing with trash because it’s too small or one that wild animals easily break into. Now that you are armed with these seven things to consider when buying municipal park trash cans, you can be assured that you’ve chosen the best option for your park. Trash Cans Depot will provide all the best outdoor trash cans, whatever your municipality’s needs.

7 Things To Consider When Buying Municipal Park Trash Cans