7 Types of Recycling Garbage Cans Across the Globe

Plastic, paper, food scraps, and non-recyclable waste. Keeping tabs on what goes in recycle bins can be a challenge.

No matter your waste disposal challenges, there are many recycling garbage cans to do the job. Having the right type of recycling bin for your waste disposal can take the guesswork out. Take a look at these different recycling bins available.

What Are the Different Types of Recycling Bins?

A lot of recycling stations let you toss in any waste item, requiring minimal effort from you. Other types need sorting according to your city council or community guidelines. 

Another aspect to consider is the available space in your home. You wouldn't want a huge 70-liter bin taking up space in your home if you live in a tiny two-bed apartment. You could decide to go for wall-mounted bins or compact bins, like this Ex-cell Kaiser Venue Collection Trash Receptacle, if you want to save space.

Besides, you must consider if you would place the recycling waste bin outdoors or indoors. For instance, if vandalism is an issue in your area, you might need metal outdoor garbage cans that can withstand the damage or have a lock.

Types of Recycling Garbage Cans on the Market

Here is a round-up of the various types of recycling receptacles on the market. This will help you do your bit for the environment while keeping your space clutter-free.

1. Single Stream Recycling Bin

The issue of single versus several recycling receptacles is an ongoing controversy in the world of waste management. Should you have separate bins for different types of waste? Or, should you put all the waste in a single place for collection?

A single stream system makes recycling easier. It transfers the responsibility of waste sorting to the recycling facility. This method can be referred to as all-in-one recycling. Items that go in this type of bin include:

  • Paper
  • Cans
  • Paper bags
  • Cardboard
  • Clean jars and containers
  • Empty prescription bottles
  • Newspapers

A single stream of waste disposal encourages recycling. This is because it requires minimal effort to collect the recyclables. Otherwise, the recycling facility would have to sort the items manually. This will lead to an increase in the cost of recycling.

2. Double-Stream Recycling Bin 

With dual-stream recycling bins, you’ll sort the recycle items before the recycling facility picks up the waste. The first container takes cardboard and paper. The other takes the second category of waste, glass, metal, or plastic.

The main advantages of this type of bin include:

  • The recycling companies receive pre-sorted materials.
  • The items are less contaminated since you've already separated them.

For instance, an office might want you to separate paper scraps from cans of drinks. The leftover sugary liquid in the aluminum cans could leak out and contaminate the paper. This will make the paper unusable.

While this method means more work for you as a consumer, it's beneficial to recycling companies. But, unlike single-stream recycling, the number of bins doubles. 

3. Triple Stream Recycling Bin

This three-bin recycling is another type of recycling system on the market. But, in this case, you need three receptacles. This enables you to collect several streams of waste. A triple stream waste offers the benefits of a double stream waste bin and more. There's an extra container for non-recyclable trash.

Having three-stream recycling:

  • Enhances your waste disposal efforts
  • Makes it easy for people to separate the waste into the right bins

You can place this recycling metal trash can indoors or outdoors, depending on where people can access it.

4. Quad-Stream Recycling Bin

Separating waste is made even easier with a four-stream recycling station. You have containers for compost, mixed recycling, paper, and general waste. This type of waste disposal system is ideal for offices. A quad stream station has the following benefits:

  • It helps you send more materials for recycling.
  • It reduces your impact on the environment.

Ensure that you get a recycling garbage can with color-coded lid inserts and stickers. This will enable customers and staff to identify each waste stream with ease and correctly dispose of the waste. It would also prevent contamination of waste streams.

Some of these recycling bins let you alter your bin options, depending on your needs. For instance, the Busch Systems Four Stream Recycling Receptacle offers two options. You can select cans and bottles, paper, waste, and compost. Or, you can go for cans and bottles, paper, waste, and organics. 

5. Wall-Mounted Recycling Bin

A wall-mounted recycling bin:

  • Helps you save space
  • Keeps the floor area below it clutter-free

This bin type is perfect for a petite area when you’re trying to save space. With the bins attached to the wall, you can clean or mop under the wall mount with ease.

6. Automatic Recycling Bin

Sensor bins are ideal for no-touch waste disposal. This type of bin automatically opens when you approach it and closes when you’re done. You can also command it to open using voice activation. 

This could come in handy when you have your hands full and want to dispose of waste. An automatic recycling bin is useful in the following ways:

  • It simplifies waste disposal as you don’t have to touch the dustbin again and again to open it.
  • It is hygienic as it lets you avoid contact with the germs in the recycle bin.

7. Lockable Shred Bins

Disposing of sensitive documents can be an issue in a corporate environment. You can lock this type of bin until you are ready to shred the paper content stored in it. This recycling bin works best by the desk side in each workstation at the office.

Ensure the lid of these receptacles is:

  • Secure
  • Lockable
  • Tamper-proof

This will keep all your sensitive information safe. You can shed all your documents with an office paper shredder or send them to a paper shredding company.

To Sum Up

The type of recycling garbage cans you would go for depends on your city council, space, and bin features. Most locations have their own process for recycling, as per what works best for the community. It's advisable to check with your city's public works or recycling company for their rules.

Also, keep in mind the available space in your home or office when choosing a metal garbage bin. Another aspect to consider is the ease of use, like in the case of sensor bins that have an automatic opening. No matter your waste disposal needs, you will find a variety of bins on Trash Cans Depot. Examples are metal outdoor trash receptacles like this Tuffbox Animal-Resistant Steel Trash Receptacle.