Choosing the Right Trash and Recycling Bins for Your Office

Choosing the Right Trash and Recycling Bins for Your Office

No office or workplace is complete without the right waste management features. Having sufficient garbage cans helps eliminate littering in your workplace, while recycling bins help create an eco-friendly environment. However, not all trash and recycling bins are the same; some models might work great in your office, while others may not. Learn how to choose the right trash and recycling bins for your office or workspace with these tips.

Waste Receptacle Factors To Consider

When committing to waste receptacles for your business and office, don’t blindly choose the first garbage can and recycling bin you find online. Noting the factors below during your browsing process can help you choose the best waste and recycling models for your workplace. Read on to learn what to look for in the right waste receptacles.


The first step to choosing the right garbage can for your space is determining where your office needs garbage and recycling access the most. Often, high-traffic areas like the kitchen, break rooms, and entryways are hot spots for littering due to a lack of waste receptacles. Consider which areas of your building have some of the highest employee foot traffic and equip these areas with sufficient trash and recycling options.

You might also want to consider outdoor waste collection options if your business features an outdoor space for breaks, lunch, meetings, etc. Most outdoor garbage and recycling cans utilize sturdy materials to hold up against natural conditions like wind, sunlight, and other weather conditions. When you start browsing waste receptacles for your office, be sure to note whether the bin is an indoor or outdoor model.


Once you know the location and placement of your garbage can, understanding its application and usage goes hand and hand. Will your garbage or recycling bin go in the kitchen for food scraps and waste? Will it sit beside your desk and collect paper and other office supplies? Some waste receptacles are better suited for certain applications than others. How you intend to use your garbage bin will affect other factors you should consider, such as its material, shape, size, and even something as simple as the bin’s color.


You’ll find garbage cans and recycling bins in a variety of material options. However, there are three main construction materials for these waste containers: plastic, metals, and stone. Each material will lend itself best to different conditions, locations, and more. For example, stone garbage cans are incredibly sturdy and durable, so most workplaces situate them for outdoor use in high-traffic areas. Metal garbage cans are also durable and resistant to wear and tear, like stains and scratches. Metal cans are often the best choice for use in office kitchens and break rooms where food is present due to their ease of cleaning. Plastic garbage cans are also resistant to most wear and tear, though they are more likely to absorb odors. That characteristic is why buyers don’t often use plastic bins in kitchens and other spaces where food is present around the office.


Your personal style will come into play while selecting the shape of your chosen bin. The shape of a trash can or recycling bin can be just as much of a functional choice as it is an aesthetic one.

The shape that you choose can also impact how employees and guests interact with it. The size and shape of the openings for waste disposal can make a substantial difference in the effectiveness of your waste container. For example, when employees pass by in a hurry, they don’t want to spend precious moments trying to feed their trash into a small opening. When choosing a garbage can or recycling bin, especially for high-traffic areas, consider its ease of use as well.


The size of your garbage cans and recycling bins is one of the most crucial factors to consider when making your choice. Like the shape, the bin’s size will impact the ease of use for both you and your employees.

If you choose a waste receptacle that is too small, you’ll find that the bin collects garbage or recycling too quickly and starts to overflow often. This issue means you’ll need to collect the trash and replace the bag more frequently, which can be inconvenient for your team. On the other hand, choosing a receptacle that is too big for your office can be an eyesore and take up unnecessary space. Consider how much use your garbage can or recycling bin might endure and choose a size from there.


You might not expect it, but color has a surprising influence on our waste disposal habits. We often associate certain colors with specific methods of waste disposal. For example, many recycling receptacles are blue in offices, communities, and at home. We associate colors like blue and green with recycling and eco-friendly practices, so choose these colors for your recycling receptacles to subconsciously encourage recycling efforts. Colors also play into the aesthetic values of your office—try matching your garbage can colors to your company’s branding to brighten up your workplace.

Differentiating Trash and Recycling

While the factors for choosing waste receptacles above apply to both garbage cans and recycling bins, you should also consider ways to differentiate your garbage and recycling. Don’t choose garbage cans and recycling bins in the same colors, as this can lead to confusion and recycling contamination.

Recycling contamination occurs when items that usually belong in the garbage mix in with recycling. These items are harder to sort out and can even lead to entire batches of recyclables going to waste. Choose recycling receptacles with clear prompts and labels to encourage good recycling practices.

Choosing the proper waste receptacles is important for any business. The right garbage and recycling bins can help reduce the chances of littering in your building and promote responsible waste management habits like eco-friendly recycling. Remember the factors above to help you choose the right trash and recycling bins for your office. Start and end your search for the perfect waste receptacles here at Trash Cans Depot, where we offer the best in wholesale trash cans and recycling options.

Choosing the Right Trash and Recycling Bins for Your Office