9 Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Garbage Bin

Leftover food scraps and sticky, dripping liquids find their way into the trash. They leave a trail of foul smell in their wake. And, in many business premises and homes, bin odor seems like another fact of life that has come to stay.

One of the reasons for this is you do not clean your trash basket frequently. We all know that cleaning trash cans is not a fun or exciting chore. 

You pile all the trash into a container and then let it fester and bake in the sun all week until collection time. The smell exists, the germs multiply, and it seems there’s nothing you can do about it.

But, this is not true! You can control the odor and germs in your dustbin. How? Just read on.

The garbage bin cleaning do’s and don’ts provided below will inform you how to keep your garbage area odor- and germ-free. With these tips, you won’t have to pinch your nose every time you open your wastebin.

Why Should You Keep Your Trash Cart Clean?



A trash can tends to be a dark, warm, moist environment where unhealthy bacteria thrive. And, an unclean trash basket, whether it’s an under sink trash can or a mini trash can, can give off a bad smell.

 It often attracts unwanted visitors, such as bugs, cockroaches, and ants, which leave us cringing. These uninvited guests also include critters and disease-carrying rodents like mice. A clean trash can, on the other hand, has no odor and germs. This is why you must keep your wastebin clean.

Now, the question is how often should you clean and disinfect your trash can? And, what is the best way to clean your trash can? Read on to find out the answers to these important questions.

Garbage Bin Cleaning Do’s



These are the things you must do to clean your trash can efficiently and get rid of all the germs and stench.

  1. Clean your trash bin can once a month

Wondering how often should you clean your trash can? The answer is to clean out your bin and disinfect it at least once a month or when there’s a leak or foul odor.

It is a good idea to do a mini cleaning every time you take out the trash. Spray disinfectant into your trash cart and wipe it out before replacing your trash bag. With that, you’ll be able to remove odor, germs, insects, and rodents.

Nice and clean looking bins give your house and property a sense of curb appeal. And, you won’t have to curb your nose every time while disposing of waste.

  1. Recycle

Many of us are guilty of not recycling as much as we should. Still, it forms a significant part of conscious waste disposal.

It’s easy to recycle if your home or office has a recycling bin. If you don’t have a recycling bin, have a dedicated spot for recyclable items. You can even start a backyard compost pile or bin for paper, cardboard, and kitchen scraps. Not only will your garden gain from this, but you’ll also keep rotten food out of your living space.

Recycling bins generally only accommodate recyclables. So, they usually do not get dirty and stinky as trash cans. But, you’ll still have to clean, deodorize, and disinfect them from time to time.

  1. Wear gloves and a nose mask while cleaning

Whether your trash smells or not, there is a possibility that germs are there. As such, you may come in contact with bacteria when you take out the waste or clean the trash cart. Therefore, you should put on rubber gloves and a face mask before proceeding.

Research has shown that inhaling the rotting smell in your trash is not healthy. It may result in mild discomfort. Plus, it can cause more severe symptoms or trigger allergic reactions, such as asthma.

  1. Bag your trash

Bag your trash before placing it in your Ex-Cell Kaiser trash receptacle. This reduces the amount of dirt and gunk you would have to scrub off from the waste bin on cleaning day.

Moreover, nobody wants the aroma of stinky trash to fill their home or workspace. Tying your dirt in a trash bag prevents the odor from spreading until disposal. Besides, bagging helps keep you and others safe from germs.

Bagged trash is much cleaner and easier to handle. For instance, loose garbage cans expose waste collectors, who come to pick your trash, to germs. You will also make their operation slow, as someone has to get out of the truck and pick up the waste lying around. Additionally, loose garbage can attract wild animals, stray dogs, and rodents.

Another reason to bag your trash is to keep your mess out of your neighbor’s yards. The wind can blow the loose garbage all over the place, making your environment untidy.

  1. Clean the trash cart thoroughly

Get the following items ready before the cleaning day:

  •   White distilled vinegar
  •   Dish liquid
  •   Bucket
  •   Rubber gloves
  •   Water hose
  •   Scrub brush

Are you cleaning a large outdoor bin like the TuffBoxx Kodiak Trash Receptacle? Then, you’ll also need an extendable tub and tile scrubber. 

Here Is a Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Trash Can:


Step 1: Empty your trash can

Before cleaning trash cans, like the Commercial Zone PolyTec Waste Container, empty them. It is recommended to schedule your trash cart cleaning on the garbage pickup day. This prevents you from touching the waste and refilling your cleaned trash can with the same dirty trash.

Step 2: Rinse it out

Rinsing out your mini trash can help loosen hard-to-clean items and prepare the surface for a good scrubbing. For rinsing, you need to attach a spray nozzle to your hose so that the water pressure can loosen stubborn pieces of garbage stuck to the walls, lids, or bottom of the bin.

If spraying doesn’t get the dirt out, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Disinfect the bin and deodorize

Spray the garbage bin surface with Lysol or undiluted distilled white vinegar. This will help to deodorize it. If you’re using white vinegar, allow it to sit on the surface for a few minutes. Then, rinse your under sink trash can with water and wipe it down with a rag.

You can also sprinkle baking soda in the container. Let it sit for approximately five minutes; this will enable it to absorb the odor.

Step 4: Scrub

Follow the following steps to ensure thorough cleaning of the trash can:

  • Mix about one-quarter of the Wausau Tile Trash Receptacle with water. Add dish soap or distilled white vinegar.
  •  Scrub with a tile scrubber or sponge.
  • You can use a stiff brush or microfiber towel to get into the corners of the trash can.
  • Don’t forget to scrub the Wausau Tile Lid and the outside of the container as well.

Step 5: Rinse

Now, rinse the trash cart with clean water.

If you’re cleaning outdoors, ensure the runoff from rinsing your bins won’t reach your plants. This is because the vinegar in the cleaning solution is a vegetable killer.

Don’ts of Cleaning the Garbage Can



Make sure you avoid doing the following:

  1. Don’t put trash in a wet trash cart

After washing and rinsing, turn your trash can upside down to drip dry. This will help ensure you don’t create a new breeding ground for germs. Ensure it dries completely before you add new garbage, put in a garbage bag, or put on the lid.

  1. Don’t put food scraps of any kind in the trash

To reduce smells and prevent moisture, put food scraps down in the garbage disposal. Do not put them in your trash can. Rinse out or wash any food containers, bottles, or cans. Allow them to air dry before you put them in your garbage can.

  1. Don’t keep your trash in an enclosed area

Keeping your bins in an enclosed space can worsen the odor. Avoid putting your trash cart in a garage or shed. And, if possible, keep your containers in a shady spot. This keeps the contents from warming up and causing a foul odor. But, if you still want to keep your dustbin outside, you can use Wausau Tile Tray Caddy Top Trash Receptacle as it can withstand harsh environments. This makes it ideal for placing in an open space.

  1. Don’t overstuff your trash bags

In most cases, everyone squeezes the trash down to make room for whatever they’re throwing away. When you overload your trash bags, it is more difficult to tie them. They’re not only going to stink more, but they’ll also be harder to take out without ripping. Overstuffed bags can also cause leaks. Additionally, you should seal your trash bags so that their contents don’t attract flies.

More Tips to Keep Your Garbage Bins Clean

Some additional tips for keeping your trash cans clean are listed below.

  1. Sprinkle Baking Soda at the bottom of your plastic trash receptacles

Eliminate garbage bin odor by spreading baking soda at the bottom of your trash can. Scientific studies have shown that baking soda can reduce garbage odor by 70%.

Baking powder interacts with the acidic garbage smell molecules and neutralizes them. With this, the odor of decaying waste doesn’t spread to other areas of your home.

Take note that baking soda can cause corrosion in metal cans. So, avoid using it on a metal trash cart.

  1. Apply essential oils

Place a few drops of any essential oil on cotton balls and put them at the base of your under sink trash can under the liner to keep off unwanted odors. This hack lasts for a long time and does not require much follow up. You can use any essential oil with a nice smell, such as lemongrass oil, mint oil, neem oil, tea tree oil, etc.

  1. Place dryer sheets at the bottom

Those fresh dryer sheets you use with your clothes can also remove trash can stench. After you empty your under sink trash can, you just need to place one or two sheets below the new trash bag. These dryer sheets will absorb the bad smell and replace it with a pleasant aroma. Replace the dryer sheets with new ones every time you remove the trash.

  1. Pour cat litter

Cat litter can help keep moisture and stinking odors at bay. Sprinkle some spoons of cat litter at the bottom of the mini trash can each time you empty it. The cat litter absorbs liquids and odors, leaving behind a fresh scent in your garbage area.

  1. Rinse your outdoor garbage cart after the pick-up

Rinse your Witt Industries Monarch Series Trash Receptacle after every pick-up to wash away any liquid from leaks. Give it a quick rinse and leave the lid open for about an hour so that it can dry.

  1. Crumple up old newspapers

Line your trash can with old newspapers. Crumple up the newspaper before throwing it into the bottom of the bin. This will soak up any garbage juices that leak out and deodorize your garbage. It will also reduce the amount of dirt that gets stuck to the bottom of the bin.

  1. Place odor masking disks

You can attach odor masking disks to the inside of your recycling bin or trash can. These disks are available in the cleaning product section at grocery stores and home improvement centers.

To Sum It Up

Dustbins can become dirty after a while. You throw bags full of rotten food, paper towels, takeout containers, and more into your trash bin every day. This results in insects, mold, and offensive odor.

You can keep your wastebin, whether it’s a mini trash can, under sink trash can, or a trash cart, free of germs and odor if you clean it properly. Applying the do’s and don’ts of wastebin cleaning provided above will help prevent foul odor around your home. They will also keep your trash can free of germs and bacteria, thus keeping your home cleaner and healthier.