5 Benefits of Having a Recycling Trash Can in Commercial Establishments

Do you recycle at your office? Recycling is now an essential part of every business. Federal rules also demand it. This is because the United States produces more waste than any other country.

Other than the much-hyped benefit of saving the earth, you also get to save money. A host of other benefits await you when you have a recycling trash can in your office. When you don’t recycle, you harm the environment and destroy the natural habitats. Read on to know the various advantages your business can get with recycling.

What is the Benefit of Recycling?

Recycling is the process of making new materials from waste. It involves collecting materials that would otherwise end up in the trash. The various benefits of recycling include:

  • Lowers the waste you send to the landfills
  • Saves natural resources like water, timber, and more
  • Saves energy
  • Reduces pollution as there is less need for raw materials
  • Creates new jobs in the recycling sector in the country

With proper disposal of trash, you can reduce the trash and reuse existing materials. It is possible to bring about a healthy change to your surroundings. This is where having a recycling trash can helps you. Read on to know how the proper garbage receptacle can benefit your workspace.

5 Important Benefits of Using a Recycling Trash Can For Your Business 

Benefit #1

Save Money for Your Business

You can save your business money by setting up a recycling trash bin. Here are the ways in which you can do so:

  • Recycling reduces the trash amount you dispose of. You can do this by separating the recyclable materials from the trash. For instance, items like paper, glass, and others go into the recycle bin.
  • The reduced waste results in lower disposal costs. The management fee you pay will reduce, resulting in savings.
  • You can save the money you spend on buying new equipment. You can do this by exchanging your electronic items for the new items you buy. Avoid disposing of unused and old electronic items in the trash. Look into retailers who have a good e-waste recycling program.
  • With a robust recycling system, you can save plenty of money. The money savings will motivate even the most skeptical employee. They will be eager to follow the program.
  • Invest in a good-quality metal trash can with lid models. This will help in proper trash collection. The receptacle will last longer due to the superior quality. It will also save the money you spend on their maintenance.

Benefit # 2

Keep Your Workspace More Organized

Using a recycle garbage bin helps organize the waste you dispose of. You can use the bin for recyclable items, such as paper, soda cans, and more.

Use separate bins for different recycling items. Avoid putting all items in a single bin. You will need to separate them again before sending them to the recycling center. Or, use a recycle bin with more than one slot for separating different materials, like cans, plastic, etc.

To make it easy for your employees, label the bins. Look for bins that have special decals for adding the label you want. This will make it easy to organize them. Recycling centers accept only separated materials. They collect the materials in exchange for cash only.

Benefit #3

Get Grants for Your Business

Recycling is a step towards taking up greener practices. This can help you attract grants for your business. Certain government and non-profit groups offer grants to businesses. They provide grants only to businesses that have a solid recycling program. To avail of such grants, make sure:

  • Your business has an appropriate recycling program. Use durable recycling trash cans. Models such as the Commercial Zone ArchTec Canopy-Top are ideal. You can use decals for labeling the bin.
  • You keep a track of the output. You can do this by using separate bins for different items. This will also help you prove the success of the program.

When you show visible proof of the successful system, you will be able to get the grant your business needs.

You can also recycle cartridges, batteries, and other such items. Instead of throwing such items in the garbage, recycle them. Use top-quality outdoor metal slatted waste receptacles. This helps people segregate the trash and recycle.

Benefit #4

Enhance Your Business Image

Are a majority of your clients favoring recycling and other green practices? A proper program helps keep your clients happy. Your efforts to go green will improve your standing with your clients. A few tips to ensure that your customers are aware of your efforts include:

  • Be sure to mention the recycling program in any marketing approach you use.
  • You can mention it on your company website, in press releases, etc.
  • Social media is another great tool to use.
  • A simple word of mouth also works in spreading the good word about your practices.
  • Use reliable and superior quality trash bins for recycling. For high traffic areas, choose a large outdoor metal trash can with a lid model.

Benefit #5

Reduce the Cost of Materials and Energy over Time

You can see the immediate effects of recycling on your business. In the long term, recycling can benefit your surroundings in many ways. It will help save materials and energy.

On a bigger scale, the recycling you do impacts other markets. For instance, the paper waste you recycle can save many resources. When you recycle a ton of paper, the savings you get include:

  • 4,100 kWh of energy
  • 7,000 gallons of water
  • 9 barrels of oil
  • 54 million BTU’s of energy

As a result, many of the energy and material sources you use become cheaper. Make sure to label the indoor and outdoor metal trash can models you use. The separate bins help in the proper segregation of the materials. When you are particular about recycling, it can give you plenty of benefits.

Final Takeaway

There is a growing worry globally over the damage caused by not recycling. Hence, it is important that your business has a recycling trash can. It is not only about the rules on recycling that make you recycle. There are several benefits to your business that you cannot ignore.

You can save money and improve your business. Your customers will know you are conscious about keeping your surroundings clean. You get the satisfaction of playing a role in keeping greener earth. For buying good quality recycle bins, visit Trash Cans Depot. The store also supplies regular trash cans of all types.