How To Keep Your Indoor Trash Can Clean

How To Keep Your Indoor Trash Can Clean

The trash can in a company’s lobby can offer an unfiltered look at how much pride a company takes in their work. A dirty wastebasket can give the impression that unpleasant tasks will be ignored or relegated. On the other hand, a clean one might suggest that a company is thorough, always willing to go the extra mile to provide great service. Here are some tips on how to keep your indoor trash can clean.

Location, Location, Location

A major consideration any time you purchase lobby trash cans is where it will be located in your business or office lobby. Setting up a waste bin near a location that has heavy foot traffic will provide an immediate increase in use while making sure people don’t have to search one out. You also want to make sure that you pick a size that matches the expected traffic for the desired spot. If your trash cans are too small or there aren’t enough of them to meet demand, the ones that you do have are more likely to become unappealing to look at.

Remove the Gunk

For trash cans already in use, removing grime that builds up on a waste basket’s flat surfaces may be the most obvious solution, but that doesn’t make the process any easier. Start by removing any trash bags in place and put any loose debris in the bag. With a pair of cleaning gloves on, use a scrub brush with a mixture of hot water and dish soap to scrape off any stains or sticky spots. If there are sticky spots or areas of concern after scrubbing, specialty products are available that remove additional residue.

Kill the Germs

Removing the physical waste is the most obvious way to make lobby trash cans look clean, but killing the germs that grow in and on them is key to proper health. If left unchecked, these germs help spread diseases, wasting both time and money. Simply take a disinfecting spray or sanitizing wipe to the sides of the trash cans to help prevent any unnecessary illnesses. A solution that makes use of bleach is also a great way to stop even the toughest of germs.

Eliminate the Odor

Removing the rubbish and killing the germs also eliminate odor, but sometimes a different method is necessary to finish the job. Simple household items such as dryer sheets or baking soda can be tossed or sprinkled into the bottom of the can or the bag to stop offensive odors before they begin. Other options include scented sprays or stick-ons that attach to the trash can itself. More powerful smells may require additional scrubbing to fully eliminate the odor.

Using these methods to keep your indoor trash can clean will help save your eyes, nose, and (potentially) pocketbook.