How To Properly Sanitize Your Outdoor Trash Cans

How To Properly Sanitize Your Outdoor Trash Cans

We’ve all been there before—going to throw something into an outdoor dumpster when you are suddenly assaulted by the overpowering stench emanating from the garbage can. When this happens, there are many ways to get rid of that awful smell and the unsightly stains that come along with it. Here are five steps for how to properly sanitize your outdoor trash cans.

Empty the Can

When cleaning outdoor garbage cans, it’s usually best to wait until after the bin has been emptied. If you can’t wait, bag the trash that is in the garbage can and set it to the side. Be cautious if you do empty it by hand because small critters may have taken the opportunity to sneak a meal from your dumpster. Spray the can down to make sure that any loose debris is removed before moving on to the next step.

Add Dish Soap

The next step is adding dish soap. Make sure that the area you pick has good drainage because there will be lots of water which could create a mud pit. Some people suggest that you add vinegar or bleach to help with cleaning and odor removal, but you must exercise caution any time you are mixing chemicals to avoid creating toxic gas.

Spray and Scrub

After adding your cleaning solution, it’s time to spray the inside of the garbage can. A garden hose nozzle that can create additional water pressure is a great help when spraying the can down to remove stuck-on grime. After the water has been added, it is time to put down the hose and pick up a scrub brush to start scrubbing down the inside of the trash can. You should wear a pair of rubber cleaning gloves to prevent bacteria from attaching to your hands.

Rinse It

After the scrubbing is done, rinse out the bin. Take your hose and spray out the trash can again, removing as much of the soap and garbage residue as possible. After you are finished spraying, turn the can upside down to let it dry out. If you still notice the odor, repeat the process until it’s finally resolved.

Wash the Outside

Once the smell is gone, the last step to properly sanitize your outdoor trash cans is to scrub off the outside. Spray down the can before adding some dish soap to your scrub brush. Wash off the outside of the can like you did the inside before spraying the trash can down again to rinse away the soap residue.

If you find that you just can’t get rid of that terrible smell, it may be time to upgrade your trash cans. At Trash Cans Depot, we have a huge selection of outdoor trash bins that are sure to meet your waste disposal needs.