The Different Types of Garbage and How To Dispose of Them

The Different Types of Garbage and How To Dispose of Them

There are many types of waste in the world that must be discarded correctly. But knowing the safest way to handle your trash is not always as simple as finding the nearest trash can. Here are some of the different types of garbage and how to dispose of them.

Compost Waste

Compost waste is any organic material that can be broken down for fertilizer. Some examples of this include human and animal waste, yard trimmings, and food. These can be disposed of in compost bins to create fertilizer, or thrown in the dumpster along with the rest of your household or office garbage.

Solid Waste

Solid waste is any trash that is not biodegradable and cannot be recycled. This includes batteries, plastics, bags, and the packaging for many foods. Place this type of garbage in the trash can that you put at the end of your driveway each week. The trash will then be taken to a landfill.

Medical and Hazardous Waste

The next of the different types of garbage is hazardous and medical waste. Not only does this type of waste require a special method of disposal, but it also must be stored in special bins while waiting for collection. Medical and hazardous waste should never be discarded in the same way as solid and biodegradable waste.


The final type of waste that needs to be properly stored before disposal is recyclables. This type of waste can include metals, plastic, cardboard, and paper. Recycling is a great way to preserve materials for reuse. Indoor and outdoor recycling bins can both be used to store these materials until they are correctly discarded.

With all the different types of garbage, it can be hard to find the proper bin. Trash Cans Depot has all of the bins, dumpsters, and garbage cans that you could ever need.