Ways To Make Your Lobby More Inviting

Ways To Make Your Lobby More Inviting

The lobby of your office will be the first experience many of your clients with your company. Take this opportunity to put your best foot forward since the first impression your lobby makes could easily set the tone for the nature of the business relationship. As such, a clean, professional waiting room is essential for many modern businesses. Here are five ways to make your lobby more inviting for your guests.

Light Refreshments

In the old way of doing business, companies would install a vending machine in the lobby and just hope that clients carried loose change. Now, it’s becoming common for offices to offer their guests a snack and a drink while they wait for their appointment. A simple offering of water, coffee, and soda, along with a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, can make a great first impression with your potential customers.

Waste Receptacles

With refreshments come inevitable waste materials, and reducing waste is a significant concern for many people today. Installing lobby trash cans and recycling bins that can handle any waste in a sustainable manner offers your guests the ability to offload their trash before heading into a meeting. They also look more professional than a tiny plastic wastebasket with a plastic bag from a grocery store in it.

Seating Options

One of the best ways to make your lobby more inviting is to have appropriate seating options for everyone. Providing comfortable seating options for those in your lobby is a must. While hard chairs with worn padding used to be the standard, larger and more comfortable seating options are now the norm.

Plant Life

Keeping a selection of plants around the lobby is a great way to welcome visitors and freshen the air around the office. Adding plants around the lobby and office infuses life into your interior design and makes your business seem more approachable. The fresh scents also keep your lobby smelling great throughout the day.

Selective Decorations

Be selective about what you place on the walls in your lobby. Put up too much, and it will look cluttered and disorganized. If you don’t have enough on the wall, your organization will look small and bush-league. There is nothing wrong with showing off industry awards that your organization has won, but be selective about what achievements warrant the attention.