What To Consider When Buying a Lobby Trash Can

What To Consider When Buying a Lobby Trash Can

There are certain decisions business owners can make without much thought, a very beneficial truth for newer companies. In particular, it’s quick and easy to select most of your office supplies, such as paper, pens, and breakroom supplies. But some workplace essentials will still require more time and research to find the perfect solution.

One such essential is the trash cans spread throughout the building. While many assume you can simply head to the nearest office supply store and grab the cheapest option, there are many factors to consider before spending your money on a trash can. This is especially important when it comes to trash cans that are visible to customers and clients. A waste receptacle is never going to be the reason a person stays at your business, but it can be the reason they leave. Here are some tips on what to consider when buying a lobby trash can.

Why Have a Lobby Trash Can?

The first thing to know about lobby trash cans is that you do, in fact, need to have one. Some industries even mandate that waste receptacles be available to customers. While it may seem like a needless hassle, the people who walk through your doors will thank you. It isn’t always easy to find a place to quickly dispose of waste, and carrying around trash until you can find a suitable disposal site isn’t enjoyable for anyone.

Another reason some companies like to have waste bins in their lobby is due to the statement it can make about their commitment to sustainability. Providing options for composting and recycling different materials shows that your company values preserving the entire community. Finally, having a lobby trash can will help keep the area clutter-free. Having an easily accessible trash can reduces the incentive to litter or make a mess of the room.


When deciding on waste receptacles, you should think about adding options for recycling as well. Many workers will walk through your lobby each day on the way to their work station. Providing a convenient place to safely dispose of plastic bottles, metal cans, or the morning newspaper can prove a welcome sight for those worried about the environment.

On a practical note, having separate bins for different types of trash makes garbage day much more manageable. Fewer soda cans and other debris make the bins less sticky, meaning less frequent cleanings are necessary. Waste bins are also easier to empty if they have fewer materials in them. Finally, you can compost some materials, turning them into usable soil for your business.

Type of Business

When considering lobby trash cans, think about the industry your business operates within. Certain industries, such as food, hospitality, and medical, would all do well to have an easily accessible trash can. It is important to know what mandates exist for waste management in your field to ensure compliance with all local, state, and national laws and regulations.


When considering the different types of lobby trash cans, think about where the trash can fits within the design of the room. If your reception area is large enough, consider adding additional waste bins throughout the space. This will help ensure your guests all remain comfortable.


The material used to make the garbage bins is also a crucial factor in what to consider when buying a lobby trash can. Plastic bins are less expensive, very durable, and hide most signs of wear, but there are a few downsides. These include how unappealing most look in an office environment and that a small crack in the plastic may cause a big mess. They also look much less professional. On the other hand, metal cans are more expensive and do show wear faster, but they look more professional, are easier to clean, and last longer.


Another consideration when looking at waste bin options for your waiting area is the volume of trash you are likely to see. For example, a fast-food restaurant will produce far more garbage than a psychiatrist’s office, so it would likely need a much larger bin. If you offer the option to recycle, similar consideration must go to that waste bin selection.


More a form of style than function, there are times when the shape of your trash can will matter. For example, a crescent-shaped trash can is perfect for lobbies with space constraints. Considering the element of style, that same trash can would likely appear out of place in the middle of a large, open waiting room. This is where striking the right balance between style and function becomes so important.


There are many features present in trash cans that are worth considering when looking at the available options. Many hospitals, grocery stores, and restaurants have come to appreciate the emergence of trash bins that feature disinfectant wipe dispensers to help combat the spread of germs. If the garbage can is plastic, the specific type of plastic it is made from will determine its strength, so be selective with your purchase. Other options such as wheels, lid shape, and vented channels are frequently available, so find the features that work best for your company.


The final thing to consider when purchasing lobby trash cans is who is likely to be using them. If the answer is anything similar to “the general public,” you will need to consider a more durable and dependable model. When children are around, sticky and broken trash cans are typically quick to follow. Additional options such as trash cans for sharp objects and other types of medical hazmat may also be necessary for medical facility lobbies and waiting rooms. Think about the individuals who are most likely to use the trash can and what you can do to make using it easier.

At Trash Cans Depot, we understand just how much thought goes into achieving the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality for your lobby. The last thing any business wants is to ruin that with an unsightly waste bin, and that’s where we come in. We offer a vast selection that covers many different industries, so we are sure to have the right solution for you. Check out our online shop today and see why Trash Cans Depot is a true leader in the waste receptacle industry.

What To Consider When Buying a Lobby Trash Can