What You Can and Can’t Recycle

What You Can and Can’t Recycle

Having a recycling plan in your home or office can save money and the environment at the same time. But knowing what you can and can’t recycle can be confusing. Here’s a guide to remove some of the mystery.

The Dos

Many people believe that plastic bottles, soda cans, and paper make up the entirety of what can go into the recycle bin. But you can recycle many other surprising items in your home and in the office. The most frequently recycled material in America is steel, with some estimates putting the recycling rate at close to 90%. Cardboard, especially pizza boxes without the liner, is another great material that can be reused for new products. Finally, glass bottles are prime candidates for recycling.

The Don’ts

On the other hand, several surprising things are actually better off in a trash can. Anything in bags—even if they’re plastic or sandwich bags—should be dumped and sorted to avoid contamination. Cling wrap and to-go boxes are also no-gos. Medical waste, dirty diapers, egg cartons, and yard waste are all also things you should avoid trying to recycle.

The Sometimes

Some items exist in a gray area. In many towns and cities, recycling centers can take items you can’t put at the end of your driveway for recycling. Some places offer a way to recycle food waste into soil for gardens. Electronics recycling drives are often held for items such as computers, televisions, and cell phones. Finally, you can take used batteries to some stores for proper disposal and recycling.

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