Sanitary Wipes Dispensers

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Does your facility need a sanitizing wipe dispenser?

At Trash Cans Depot, we offer a large variety of sanitary wipe dispensers. These dispensers work perfectly in any setting. Whether you own a gym or fitness center, office building, retailer, grocery store, or require a dispenser for various sanitation purposes, Trash Cans Depot has the disinfectant wipe dispensers you need. We offer wall-mounted, single, or dual dispensers with built-in waste receptacles to ensure your area stays clean. At Trash Cans Depot, we only carry sanitary wipe dispensers from brands we trust. It is precisely for this reason we offer Glaro wipe dispensers. You have the option of choosing satin aluminum or galvanized steel dispensers. All dispensers are constructed from rust-proof as well as corrosion- and fire-resistant material.

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